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    April 3, 2013
    4:30 - 5:00am PDT  

shooting. it happened in the city of napa and paul chambers tells us there is plenty of questions surrounding this. >> reporter: i can tell you a napa police officer was in napa when they were on surveillance. just after 8:00 last night, members of the napa special investigation bureau one man inside the car, one was believed have an assault of a deadly weapon. they held the men at gunpoint and as one man got out of the car the officers got into some sort of altercation leading the man to shoot him into the force so. he is unknown at this time. the two men were taken into
police custody. there are a lot of unanswered questions this morning. such as did the man have a warrant? we will stay on top of this and bring you the latest as soon as itvilles as soon as see we can we will bring it along to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. firefighters believe that fire started in the kitchen of a bottom floor apartment and quickly spread. it happened at about 3:00 a.m. the building had five apartments and none of the other units were damaged. also this morning. oakland police are investigating the shooting of paramedics. when we last checked, he was in
critical condition. at hyland, boyer was at a stop sign and keller drive and witnesses say a man got out and shot at boyar and he sped off to a ravine where police found him. >> it is not easy for people to go about their normal business. >> police do not have a clear motive for the shooting but boyar said he tried to rob me. family and friends are keeping vigil at the hospital. fremont police are looking for your help. he was last seen on fremont boulevard. he is described as african- american where iing a dark
brown jacket with shoulder patches. police say springfield has a medical condition and anybody with information on his whereabouts should call 911. president barack obama is coming to the bay area for a series of fundraisers to boost the election. the president is expected to arrive 5:25 in the evening and at 6:15 he is said to deliver remarks at the home of a constituents -- a constituents and then he finishes another visit with janet and marsha goldman. and they are planning on
protesting outside the president's quarters tonight. if they did not they would carry oil to refineries on the gulf coast. before he arrives this evening he is making a stop to push for tougher gun control measures. colorado passed new gun laws following the mass shooting in aurora and they are calling for an assault weapons ban and limits on magazines. they are voting on some of the toughest laws in the country and that bill will be sold unless they find a
national background check. the list will expand to more than 66 to 150 and large capacity magazines will be prohibited. that bill was drafted in response to the sandy hook elementary school where a gunman killed 20 the children and 6 adults. and following the sandy hook elementary school shooting, they are proposing to arm every adult in each bay area school and he is hoping that succeeds. they are planning on being back on the pacific kit lines. -- picket lines. they have been working for three years without a contract. so far no new negotiations are
schedule ised. one again he is asking them to move to his city. he question is and finally wants to make a decision. four years since he first studied the a's they say they have the territorial rights to this team. they are throwing in that the giants did win yet. >> first win might be the hardest. traffic is moving along well, traffic stranding to look good. let's look at the bay bridge and it is a nice looking drive with very little delay.
it should be a very nice drive four into the city at this time. san jose northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17 and there is not a lot going on and we will let you know. >> sal, we almost had a perfect game last night. >> i know. >> it was very exciting. we do have a lot of high clouds, inland clouds, 40s and 50s on the temperatures which you would expect. there is actually two lows one to the north and it's on its way for tomorrow. some morning low clouds are already in place and it seems to be more of a westerly or
south westerly. rain should move through giving us clouds to mostly cloudy skies and we will deal with that on friday, pam. new inspections sport bay bridge, the reason hundreds of parts are being retested a mid- concerns of safety. and hundreds of about buildings have to be safe to be earthquake ready. and it looks good on the way to the tunnel and we will tell you how the morning commute is and where the troubled spot is. breaking news important nice major local study, they are swarming on big stories,
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. good morning, we have a lot of low clouds in place, rain
comes back tomorrow. thank you, steve. a new report shows one in five californians lives in a flood zone and that means many are susceptible to catastrophic flooding. it would cost $1 million to protect those areas and if not protected it would cost nearly six times as much. an announcement comes after caltrans says more than a third of steel rods supplied by die son broke and the failure of those bolt had raised concerns about being able to strep during a major earthquake. and gaza in response to rocket fire, it is the first
time israel launched strikes after ending 8 days of firing. john kerry is expected to travel to israel to try to start peace talks. and oh affect -- officials are talking it about starting a new react tore. the coalition for comprehensive immigration reform is organizing the rally and the group will encourage south bacon greg'snal leaders to move quickly on immigration reform. that rally did an advancement on federal immigration reform which is expected next week. long time south bay congressman is getting some competition from a fellow
democrat. 36-year-old owe -- 36-year-old row conner plans on challenging honda who is a fixture and has been serving in congress since 2001. >> i have a lot of respect for mike honda's many year of service. >> he served with obama with the administration department and he now teaches with the immigration student law and he posted on the website saying he is looking forward to his strongest campaign yet. and there are two leads in the recent killing of two prosecutors. on saturday, mike mcclellan and his wife cynthia were found shot to death in their home. investigators say they had been
interviewing a prison gang for its roll and they are focusing on them after he lost his job after a corruption investigation. the national rifle association task force is proposing to arm at least one adult in every school. now they are preparing for that possibility. troy coleman runs certificate or security training in san jose. he is planning to make presentations to local school districts. >> it starts with handgun safety, these are all fab toss and he supports the proposals as long as teachers are
properly trained. they disagree saying the teacher's first priority should be locked down with the students. and they will debute this summer and apple is getting ready for its iconic phone. this one will be similar and they are expected to launch new phones in the next coming weeks. they are giving the latest thumbs up for a series of concerts leading up to the america cup races. it will be on the waterfront and the approval came after they agreed to several conditions to keep some of the neighbors happy. that includes week night concerts and increased reinforcement. they are figure out the cause of the westport tall
district. it run to youred back in february dab ruptured back in february after replacing a sewer line just three months before and they are looking into whether it may have damaged the water-main. an ordinance calls forefoot throw fits for -- called for retrofits and many are believed to be vulnerable during an earthquake. taken fans are -- tenants are concerned because it could cause an increase and they are working on a compromise to allow some tenants to avoid paying those extra cost the. right now we are off to a decent start and maybe they will watch us for a bit and
sometimes if it's good they will be able to stick around and have coffee and that's the time to do that so if you look at these pictures, it looks good, there are no major problems, i am looking at the road sensors and i don't see a lot of activity and it usually changes no make problems and a very slow delay and there is some roadwork on mountain view and 45 but it's not causing a big delay. let's go to steve. there is a lot of moisture streaming up here and this may be the last one for a while and let's hope we are not completely done for the season. yesterday mostly sunny and today will be mostly sunny in
place 31 reno and down in monterey, if you know that area, the other high clouds are streaming in with two lows and look where it is coming from way down here and it is bringing in some moisture and it will bring in some high clouds and morning low cloud deck is fair. livermore print tonight, it is just a little bit too much cloud cover and it looks like the morning has rain, so plan ahead. sun and clouds maybe some showers coming in later but the weekend looks okay, just not great, pam. >> thank you, steve.
reports of a lion prowling the neighborhood turned out to be false but people are on the lookout for an extra large cats. he was recently caught and nurtured and neighbors are hoping this will make him a bit more friendly. a nine weeks long protest, they are hoping for a dramatic end to the protest for for thief >> and there is a video of a teacher that has people calling for his firing. stay tuned.
. welcome back, time now 4:52, an accident happened on silver avenue at 8:15 and the front end was smashed in and the other vehicle did not appear to be damaged. they are looking for a suspect after a chase for a stolen car. it happened yesterday afternoon on park boulevard and ended near hyland hospital. the driver and a passenger took
off running. police made one arrest but they are still searching for a second suspect. nine weeks long search has come to an end. [crowd noise] >> chp officers forcibly removed demonstrators from the tree and even fired project tiles to one person. they ended construction for a bypass which will destroy sense sufficient -- sensitive grass land. more than several people at the county court heist turned himself in on monday. scott wayne bailey is still missing. the two men are suspected of breaking into the county
courthouse last year and taking more than a million dollars in gold jewelry. they say most of the items were sold. there is growing pressure to fire mike rice after a videotape which has air and has gone viral. the coach was yelling home phobic slurs at his players and kicking and grabbing his players. he was seen throwing basketballs at him. he was suspended for three games after seeing the video back in december but crist christie says that punishment does not go far in your. the women's basketball team is from the the final 4,.
>> they had a victory over georgia and they now know who they will play in new orleans arena and many teenage girls in the area are thrilled with cal's success. >> when you think of basketball you think of a man and everybody talks about the nba and for them to make it to the final 4 is big and for the boys not to win anything... >> they are not surprised by cal's success. president barack obama predicted the woman's basketball team predicted they would make it to the final four. >> she can't help but be excited the girls made it and the boys did not. >> she is right. let's look at the commute, traffic is moving along well on 237 and as you cross 880, you
will see it getting in and right now will be a good time to drive if you do drive, speaking of not driving is reportedly on time. this is a look at westbound bay bridge and we have been talking about the road sensors and not seeing a lot of -- a lot of activity. i don't see a lot. here is steve. some low clouds are already in place coast and bay. a juicy system is here and 40s and 50s on the lows, not much of a breeze, 30s and 40s into southern california and i will expect that in palm springs.
here is our system and look at the moisture, it is down to the tropics and we are making a "b" line. this holds a lot of moisture. warm inland and some low clouds, mostly sunny away from the coast, partly cloudy skies antioch and gilroy, that is the spirit. cloudy with rain a series much fast movers to the north. coming up at 5:00 the reason they are one step closer to getting a new name. there are many questions surrounding last night's gunfire, we will be right back. the only thing we'd ever grown together was a record collection.
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. somebody is shot here in napa. and an overnight why it involved both firefighters and police. and we will have more on his visit, why they are not so happy about his visit. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel

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